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Apple sauce green peas and mashed potatoes Apple sauce green peas and mashed potatoes make a fine

Apple sauce green peas and mashed potatoes

Apple sauce green peas and mashed potatoes make a fine meal when you are avoiding the fried salmon patty that is dried up and burned around the edges. Johnny and I were deprived and unloved children forced to eat canvas. You learn to love peas when you have to eat canvas.

When you are a child and you have dried up salmon patties for dinner, you eat them because your poor mother cannot cook like Dot can , and you don’t want to hurt your mother’s feelings because all she has do to in this world is make dinner and make Jiffy Pop Popcorn and drive you to school. And the only fun she ever gets to have is to watch you have a show and have Daddy put on Tapestry and have your father twirl you around a like he always does, and pick you up to fox trot while the Earth Moves Under Your Feet when he gets home from work with still one piece of Juicy Fruit gum in his starched stuck white Brooks Brothers pocket. And, poor Momma doesn’t even know how to dance so that is why I have to show her and put on a show every night. And she always says that she wishes she knew how to dance just like I did. And poor Momma has to always be too tall to get picked up and twirled, and she doesn’t even know about chess pies that Dot makes, and she has never gotten to ride a horse or see the real live Jeremy Fisher at Dot and Harry’s house, and she has never been to Franklin and gotten to sleep in the feather bed .

And, I go to pick up my first client of the day with thoughts of home in my head.

Horses will buck you off if they know that you’re scared.

Pulling the reins in too tight makes the horse buck you off, too.

You control the horse with your legs.

And, if you try to buckle the cinch while they are puffing out, the saddle will slide down and over and tip you out. So, so you have to cinch right after they exhale to get the cinch tight. And, it’s hard to get your hand out from under the cinch if you’ve buckled it right.

And, I pull up to the first house that we are going to see that day.

The best part of riding up a hill is feeling the slant. Your stomach gets left behind as your legs feel his thighs widen his girth, and your legs get pushed out against the air again, and your stirrupped feet do nothing but dangle out stupidly as you lean into his hot neck, and you grab his mane because you dropped the reins. And you don’t breathe because you want to just float on his back as he girds up to the level and you get thrown to the right before you hear his hoof stomp the earth done. He hoofs back the leaves, and he shakes his head down , and your tangled fingers pull you down too, and your foot is caught in the stirrup, and the muscles in his neck release to his forelegs and your saddle drops to the side down, and now your feet are back in their stirrups, and your right foot is tangled and you don’t know if the your horse is going to charge. You can feel him lifting up his rear, and his left rear leg draws in and you get tilted closer to the ground and you see his shoe nailed into his hoof. and you can feel his front legs pulling in under his chest and you still clinch finger all of the wire hair black brown. You can finger twirl safety hold tight. Your left foot tries to tuck under the back of the saddle and you let go of the reins on purpose. To see if you could be an Indian squaw.

And, you put the key into the front door and go in and turn on all the lights of the house so that it glows beautifully. And, you walk into the kitchen and turn on the microwave light so that the stove seems to glow, and you hit the undermount lights so that the counters gleam, and you wonder if the Buyer will know that horses were on your mind.

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