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There it was, 40.

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

In life there are certain turning points. Some big, some small, but all have their undeniable way of marking one's life. This past weekend I turned 40. NOt too bad until I went to the Y for a quick workout. Spryly hopping onto the Ellyptical for my thrity minute attempt to reverse the laws of gravity, I started to punch in my numbers: 26. Why, I wonder do these machnes all start with the age of 25. Have you ever seenan out of shape 25 year oldeven At the Y? No They just walk around town showing off the fact that they DON"T have to go work out every day on the Ellyptical for thirty grueling minutes. Humph Wait til THEYhave two kids who expect dinners every night....

Let's see...

At 26, I was teaching at FRA.

At 27, I had Libby.

At 28, I tried to learn how to be a Momma.

At 29, I had Leila.

And, at 30, I was out in the world solo.

At 31,32,22,34,35,36,37,38,39, I tried to learn how to raise two precious children, renovated a few houses, started Let's Play House, tried to learn this real estate thing, bought Valley Brook, and started that renovation.

And, then, there it was ...40. Innocently waiting to be punched in , the numbers 4 and 0 sat blazing red at me from the control bar. the 4 and the 0 together waited one by one together to sit side by side on the dashboard announcing my age to the world and me. It just waited to be ' entered". And, as I ever so softly started to punch in the numbers, I realized that I was technically entering my fourth decade. No fanfare, no bells, no whistles. No alarms of any sort. Pretty respectable, actually.

And, I started to pedal. I was going to really push myself that day. High on the resistance. But, I had one more code to enter,. The damned weight number. "Now, enough's enough!" I scream under my breath. "Why in the world does the machine need that information, too? Don't we think that all of this "sharing" has gone a little bit too far? That is SO nineties!"

So, I started my numbers: 100,105, 110,111,112,113, 114, 115. Stop. "Come on Jodie , let's get real. 120 125 130 Yep. Stop. That sounds pretty good to me." 40 for the age and 130 for the weight sounds pretty right- like the machine knows anyway?"

Besides, I felt a lot better being 135 and 40 rather than 140 and 40. It was MY birthday, after all! Looking pretty good starting out a new decade. Looking good, Man! Hot Stuff making her way through the room! Here she comes just a walking down the street singing dooo ahhh diddy diddy dum diddy dee!"

"Keep pedaling , Jodie! You can do this!" "130!130!130! Flat stomach. Cute fanny! Bathing suit season! Cute white jeans!"

And, then, finally, END. And, then, COOL DOWN PERIOD.

And the numbers faded away. It was over. And I felt just fine about myself. Even if I did fudge a little on the weight thing a little bit. After all, I did get up and GO to the Y on my birthday., I get credit for that. And, besides, it's not like I lied about my age or anything!

Kiss your babies, Tell your parents you love them, and Take a walk in the park with a friend. Love you- Jodie

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