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Trading In

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

"No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle aged children for signs of improvement." Florida Scott Maxwell

At first when she sick at her stomach, I thought I had made her sick with worry over her grades. And the night wore on , I realized that my threatening motherly powers were not so strong, but "the bug" sure was.

As I sat through the night with Miss Leila, I thought back to earlier that evening when I would have traded her in for a new set of floor mats for my car. Better yet, I would have paid for the damn floor mats had Jim Reed Chevrolet taken Leila as exchange; Unfortunately for me , I know that John Reed has two teenagers of his own, and he is probably talking to Reed Tricket about trading in his own kids right about now. Nobody wants the dadgum things.

Not that we don;t love our children, Florida Scott Maxwell wrote that "No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle aged children for signs of improvement."How true is that one?My mother had a way of saying it just the right way:

Oh Jodie, I see that you are wearing your hair straight these days...( pause)you know I just love it when you wear it curly.That is backwards mother for: "Your hair looks terrifically awful , Jodie. You just need to let it be." If Momma had her way, I would never get to wear high heeled shoes or low cut necklines. I would never be able to wear jeans to a restaurant or stay out past 12- because "nothing good happens past 12, Young Lady."

I thought about that one last night as I got into my car to leave a party at 10:45. I though that Momma would be very proud of me, but I knew that I was getting ready to miss all of the fun stuff. I facebooked my friend the next morning, and saw the pictures that they had already posted. And, Momma was right.I don;t think that I would have been the cutest one at my Open House today if I had been the Cutest One at the party last night.

I suppose Miss Maxwell was right, too, and I suppose that Momma will be happy to know that I am finally growing up at the ripe old age of 43. And, I guess that I need to give Leila another decade or two before taking her into the dealership...Maybe by that time, cars will run on sassiness, and I can get a good trade value for my little angel...

Kiss your babies, Tell your parent you love them, and Take a walk in the park with a friend,

Love, Jodie

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