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Over the past year, I switched firms, sold my house, bought a new house, and broke up three times.

Over the past year, I switched firms, sold my house, bought a new house, and broke up with my boyfriend three times. We, currently, have agreed on a dating extension to go through the Fall; it’s just too hard to be single during football season. We will reevaluate on New Year’s. I will let you know what happens…

Sometimes you just need a change to see the world through a different lens. A lot of life is begging to be seen differently. I thought I understood struggle as a single mom until I met two other mothers this year. You can think it is hard to live day to day, but until you see how it works and how it breaks down a family, you just simply cannot understand. I thought I understood the reverberating effects of divorce because I am divorced. I thought I knew how hard it was to raise children on your own. But, I don’t. I had a master’s degree when I got divorced. And, I had a support system. My parents were my army of strength.

Though I saw and learned a lot over the past year, I still do not KNOW what it is like, but I, certainly, have seen what real struggling really looks like. It looks scary and mean. And it feels scary. And, it feels mean. There is no sense of safety- financial or otherwise. There is no security net, and there are very few role models to look up to to break the chain. It is rare to be the young man who decides to break free and get out.

Mark texted me last week. He texted, “Catching up to say I love you”. My heart just sang. Tears came pouring. Mark had not forgotten me! He had simply been too busy to call. He was flying- while I was worried to death that his wings were clipped by struggle- past and present. He has not gotten a job, yet. But, he HAS bought an iron to iron his dress shirts for his interviews. He has not gotten a job, yet. But, he will. And he knows that if he decides that he has flown too far too soon, Home is right here waiting. But, I will bet you that his wings will continue to strengthen, and he will fly higher and higher and, in time, learn to soar. Thanks be to God.

Kiss your babies, Tell your parents you love them, and Take a walk in the park with a friend! Love, Jodie

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