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The Loud Voice of Silence

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

I describe the loud voice of a silent mother. # mothersaysnothingatall #catshgotyourtongue #Mumstheword

The Sound Of Silence.

I am absolutely speechless.

I have absolutely nothing to say.

I cannot think.

Words cannot begin to express my thoughts.

Nothing comes to mind.

Actions speak louder than words.

A picture paints a thousand words.

No words said- no hearts lost. (mine)

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Concise is nice. (mine)

Yesterday, I was rendered speechless- and no one noticed. And nobody got upset. And the world did not crumble because my views were not voiced.

My girls were overjoyed that mine tongue serveth me nottith.

Which made me think … what IF all paretns were to purposelessly render themselves speechless! What a wonderful world it would be for our children of all wisdom, truth, and soothsaying.


“I’m dying my hair black and getting another nose ring.” - Daughter

“Words cannot begin to express my thoughts!”- Mom

“Mom, I am just so exhausted. I shopped all day and , then, this man ran into me at the mall and I had to deal with the whole police thing. I just need some time to just relax; it was just such a hard day!” - Daughter

“You paint a picture of a thousand words.” - Mom

“Ben and I are going to Florida for Spring Break. We really just need some quiet couple time alone to work on our relationship before we go into our Senior Year, ya know.”- Teenager

“Mum’s the word!”- Mother

“ You don’t need to know history anymore. I’m just going to quit school and start a blog, or play NFL football.” - Senior in high school

Actions speak louder than words!- Mom

“Can I borrow your car?” 16 year old boy.

You know just what I am thinking! -Mom

Cat's got my tongue- and the world is their Oyster. Oysters are not very filling and parenting ain't about keeping quiet just letting kids do what they want. That's what makes parenting as hard as it is- you can take my word for it!

Kiss you babies, Tell Your Parents you Love them, and Take a walk in the park with a friend! Love , Jodie

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